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Demon on Wheels

Posted in Cars by will bee | June 1st, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

The USA Today recently released the first glimpse photo of the famous Mach 5 for the Speed Racer: Demon on Wheels movie. The car will be the corner stone for the latest Wachowski brothers (movie credits include: The Matrix, V for Vendetta) movie that will begin filming this summer. The Mach 5 may be pure fiction to some, but to many it represents the first object of Automotive Lust to thrill the imagination and drive the pursuit for speed.

Revvin' up the powerful Mach 5: The car from the live-action version of Speed Racer is based on the one from the original cartoon, but with a more modern look.

  Although the Mach 5 will never be available for purchase in any showrooms, and will see more CGI work in the movie production than it will asphalt or concrete, the performance of this car in the movie will leave a seed planted deep in the child’s mind of everyone who see’s it. And it is there that the future of automotive design and engineering will sprout and flourish.
Who knows? There are a number of small companies out there building street versions of the Eleanor model of the ’67 Shelby Mustang used in the Gone in 60 Seconds movie starring Nick Cage. Maybe a new market of niche builders will come out with a street version of the Mach 5.
…minus the dual circular saws emerging from underneath the nose of the car at the press of  a button, of course.

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