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Demand For 2010 Fusion Boosts Ford’s Production Output

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In light of recent sales statistics, Ford has announced that production numbers for this quarter will be slightly higher than originally planned thanks to growing consumer demand for the new Ford Fusion. Last month, Ford predicted a 41% drop in production numbers for the period extending from April through June, down to a modest 425,000 cars. When Q1 financial results are published on Friday, those numbers are expected to see a slight jump but, as Ford sales analyst George Pipas cautioned, “It’s nothing to get excited about in terms of volume…[it’s an] upward adjustment, but not jaw-dropping.”

Pipas went on to explain that the increase, however subtle it might be, can be directly attributed to the increasingly popularity of the 2010 Ford Fusion, which officially hit the market in March. “The Fusion is doing pretty good,” he stated simply. Exactly how “good” remains to be seen, and we’ll keep you updated when we receive the official Q1 stats later this week.

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