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DeLorean Announces Intent To Save The Pontiac Solstice

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In perhaps one of the strangest pieces of news to come across our desks this week, DeLorean Motor Company is purportedly seriously interested in rescuing the ill-fated Pontiac Solstice from the scrap heap. The announcement comes on the heels of news that Saturn – and with it the Solstice’s only remaining relative, the Saturn Skyy – would be killed off after GM’s distribution deal with Penske fell through. Discontent to watch what was inarguably one of the most enjoyable cars an American company had to offer slip into obscurity, DMC announced their bid to save the Solstice.

Outwardly a very odd maneuver for a company whose primary claim to fame is now the butt of many 80’s-era jokes, what few aside from die hard enthusiasts may know is that DMC’s founder, now-deceased John Z. DeLorean, sourced his roots in the automotive industry back to his days as Pontiac’s General Manager. It was DeLorean who was chiefly responsible for the legend known as the GTO and it was DeLorean who helped build the impressive reputation Pontiac carried on and off the track.

Today, DeLorean’s company is now owned by Stephen Wynne and it is with John’s legacy in mind that Wynne’s quest to rescue to Solstice was struck. The renderings included here were purportedly created by Wynne earlier this week and published on Facebook as a rough example of what the future may hold for a DMC Solstice.

It remains to be seen whether Wynne has the fiscal wherewithal to finance his well-meaning dream, but we’re certainly rooting for him.

Source: Inside Line

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