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Delahaye Bugnotti

Posted in Bugatti, Classic, Collector Cars, Custom by Dustin Driver | May 8th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Behold Terry Cook’s delicious Deco creation, the Delahaye Bugnotti. The hotrod fuses the sweeping lines of the Delahaye 165M with the grill and details of a Bugatti 57. The custom invokes an era when designers were obsessed with the sky, when they sculpted flowing forms meant to slice through the air. The Bugnotti has full pontoon fenders, yet the front wheels can still turn lock-to-lock. It rocks an unimaginative SBC/GM slushbox drivetrain, but makes up for it with style in spades. For more inspiring Deco-Streamline machines, visit Cook’s site, DecoRides.

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