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Sleigh Riding Death Wish…

Posted in Crashes, FAIL, Videos by MrAngry | December 10th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Common sense, reason and self-preservation are traits most people utilize to get them through their day. We know for instance to not try and make it across the train tracks when the barriers are coming down, in the same way that if a stove is glowing red hot we know not to touch it. These are basic traits that have helped the human race survive for as long as it has. Some of us however simply don’t get it and for one reason or another are convinced that they can somehow defy logic and beat the system. Take for example the jackass you see here sleigh riding behind a moving train. I understand wanting to go fast on snow, but logic would dictate that one would use a set of skies, or even better, a snowmobile. Hell, even if this guy doesn’t die (which I am sure he will) he should be nominated for this years Darwin Award.

Source: Youtube.com

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