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Death Wish: Nitrous Huffing Lakester Will Give You a Plexiglass and Salt Facelift

Posted in General by Alex Kierstein | July 21st, 2009 | 5 Responses |

Every once in a while we feel an unholy tug to plonk down wads of our hard-earned cash on stupid, insane cars that will with a high degree of certainty cause us grave bodily harm. DEATH WISH is a new, semi-regular series where we’ll explore cars that you really shouldn’t get anywhere near. Today, it’s a crazy salt-pan runner with a plexiglass nose and more than a whiff of danger about it … read on!

Today’s Implement of Destruction: Lynde Kawasaki Lakester


Towards the end of WWII, the Imperial Japanese Air Force was getting a bit desperate and set about designing some human-guided missiles to wreak havoc on “Bull” Halsey’s Third Fleet. You might know them as the kamikaze. Ralph Lynde, a storied drag racer and belly-tanker, must be a student of history, because his missile-shaped device would look right at home nosediving into the deck of an aircraft carrier.


This lakebed racer is built from a F-100 Super Sabre droptank, with a healthy dose of plexiglass in the nose so you can see your fate rushing to meet you, and what seems to be a late-model Kawasaki ZX-9R engine to propel you to terminal velocity. The motor is apparently set up to ingest a deadly cocktail of alcohol and nitrous (don’t try that at home!), and while it made 128 HP stock, we assume it’s making a fair bit more here.


But don’t worry! When the bearings check out and the high-strung Kawasaki motor ventilates its crankcase the hard way, we’re sure you’ll be able to avoid the shrapnel in that roomy drop tank body. At 20″ wide and 25″ tall, the frontal area is minimal, meaning that wind resistance will be the least of your concerns. With the reserve north of $30,000, this isn’t the cheapest way to horribly mangle yourself, but it does lend a degree of style and sophistication to any harm that may result.

[Source: Ebay Motors]

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5 Responses

  1. Dustin May says:

    Oh, dear God, Kierstan. You’ve just opened up the door to my insanity. I dream of building a go kart with a ridiculously powerful motorcycle engine. Or an Atom V8. While the other men in my subdivision are mowing their lawns and playing catch with their kids, I want to be racing up and down the street until one day I wind up sliding backwards, at 70+ mph, 2 inches off the ground through the pearly gates.

    Now, you are giving me more things to dream about. Like this fuel tank turned lakester. 25″ tall? Pfft, that’s plenty of room. Right?

  2. Dustin May says:

    Kierstan = Keirstein.

    I need to lay off the afternoon scotch.

  3. Alex Kierstein says:

    @Dustin: When I saw this thing, I literally thought the same thing. What better way to tell comfortable, placid suburbia to go F*** itself than by smearing your broken carcass all over its clean cul-de-sac at 120 MPH?

  4. Paul Stearns says:

    Ralph Lynde Nephew: I worked on the lakester when it was being built. I recall it being powered by a small block chevy and painted yellow. Number 302 0r 502. CA DUI. Car Craft A very fast cigar. The plexiglas nose is not original. It was much smaller @ 1/2 as big. Anyway.Lost contact with uncle Ralph. Any news of his whereabouts?