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Death Wish: Motorized Monowheel Edition

Posted in Bizarre, Custom, Death Wish, Design, Funny Videos, Mechanics by Alex Kierstein | August 4th, 2009 | 2 Responses |

Last week’s golf cart from hell not bonkers enough for you? Does it have 3 too many wheels? Well, have we got the solution for your one-wheeled fantasies – and we ain’t talking about wheelies. We’re talking ’bout this here monowheel, one of the nuttiest vehicular contraptions we’ve ever seen. And of course, it’s Death Wish-worthy!

Today’s Implement of Destruction: Batty British Monowheel

monowheel 4

This might just be the single most efficient way to cover one half of your body in road-rash humans have yet invented. If you like that half-shredded look that’s in these days, the monowheel might be your ticket to high fashion … if you have a high pain threshold. But despite our own experiences with severe pavement skin-sanding, we can’t help but fantasize about hooning one of these deathtraps. Is this Death Wish material? Let’s see … high likelihood of physical harm … complete absurdity … impracticality … straddling an engine … less than two wheels … uh, I think we have a winner!!!

monowheel 3

It’s also the product of a backyard tinkerer, a gentleman from the UK who might have more skill than sense. He didn’t originate the monowheel, as the concept has been around for a while, but he certainly is enthusiastic about it. And as you can see in the video below, he also approaches his creations with a high degree of caution, which is admirable considering their mayhem potential.

As far as we know, this thing ain’t for sale, but Dr. D.M. Southall (possibly not a real doctor … actually, judging by the vehicle, quite likely) would probably build one for you for enough cash. Cram 10 or so into a shipping container and you might have the next big motorized craze on your hands! We can just see the ad campaign now: “You meet the nicest people in the ER because of the Monowheel!”

monowheel 2

[Source: Redmax]

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2 Responses

  1. I think the look on his face in that first shot says it all. I’ll pass.

  2. dan says:

    Kerry McLean stuffed a V-8 into his: