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Dealership Promotion error yields 30,000 Grand Prize Winners

Posted in Cars, GM by will bee | July 20th, 2007 | 1 Response |

A car dealership in Rosewell, New Mexico was overwhelmed to learn that their recent direct-mailing marketing erroneously sent out 30,000 winning scratch-offs. Initially the mailing was to reach 50,000 households with 1 Grand Prize Winner. They were able to halt 20,000 of them before they were shipped out and after the error was discovered thanks to some untimely proofreading.

Jeff Kohn, the General Manager of the Honda dealership effect by this typographical error, and representatives from Force Events, the marketing firm that made the error, are scheduled to meet to address the mistake. In the meantime the dealership is taking down the names and numbers of all those recipients of the grand prize tickets who come to the car lot.

As one commenter put it, here is a chance for the car dealership to come out the hero and gain more free national press. Ofcourse that same commenter miscalculated the total cost of awarding the Grand Prize to all of the supposed winners. If they were forced to reward all the 30,000 winning mailings sent the Grand Prize notice of $1,000 (time to add some zeros) it would cost $30,000,000. That is quite a price to pay for some national publicity. Do you know how many minutes in Super Bowl commercials that would be?

Who do you think should take the blame for this? How would you resolve the error and maybe save some face if you were the General Manager of the Honda Dealership?

Source [Associated Press]

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One Response

  1. Mihdi says:

    SNAFU. I think both the dealership and the marketing firm need to bite the bullet on this one. Regardless of whether they do give out the cars to each of the 10,000 winners or find a viable option to pay them out, doing anything other than honoring the tickets would hurt them both. Of course, they could just blame the little green and grey aliens that live there. Damn lazy lot.