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Dealership Thanks Employees with Cold Hard Cash

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Howard Cooper Car Dealership

Before I got into writing about automobiles I was a web developer for an investment bank. I spent 10 years there and throughout that entire time I never really felt like I belonged. You see year after year, regardless of the performance I put out, there was never any gratitude, nor any performance incentives. It was a dismal place that soured my taste when it came to big business, and when it was my time to leave I was ecstatic to do so. Small businesses on the other hand work on such small margins that it’s sometimes difficult for them to dole out monetary bonuses, so at times employees have to be content with a simple “Employee of the Month” plaque. Sometimes though we hear about a story that’s right on target, warms the cockles of your heart and renews your faith that all is still well in the world.

This is exactly what happened in Ann Arbor, Michigan when an automobile dealership was being sold after 47 years. As a thank you to his loyal employees, owner Howard Cooper (83 years old) gave his employees $1,000 per each year of service they provided to the dealership. Hell, there was one worker there who received a check for $28,000 and he just drove the parts van. You’d be amazed, but in reality it’s really not hard to do the right thing and Howard Cooper generosity is a perfect example of that.

Source: Autoblog.com

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