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Daryl Hannah offers up her BioDiesel El Camino… just looking to share the love?

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Darryl Hannah's BioDiesel El Camino

On December 20th Daryl Hannah will be offering of up her matte black BioDiesel El Camino so that she can share the love and beauty that has been her daily driver the past number of years. Included in her substantial and sustainable offering comes the 55 gallon drum and pump she uses to refuel her B100 tank. She goes as far as to say that refueling her tank from its home-pump is so easy she can even do it all dressed up. So if that is not endorsement enough for you I don’t know what would be.

Finding an early 80’s El Camino with a diesel engine is no small task. There were not too many of them built. This is not a rebuild or a custom job (other than the matte paint). She is posting it as a Chevy 5.71 GM diesel with an automatic transmission and 139,000 miles on it. Also, by buying Daryl’s El Camino you get the glory (considered by some) of telling your friends that you are driving a piece of Daryl Hannah and it just feels (environmentally) right!

Now there are no claims by Daryl that her BioDiesel El Camino gets good gas mileage. This is not a super fuel sipper by todays diesel standards, but an old, probably rattlely diesel from the 80’s. Her choice to fuel it with BioDiesel appears to be merely to step away from the fossil fuels and appeal to a more eco-friendly alternative. She is rather involved both vocally and in appearances with the BioDiesel/Sustainable Fuel movement. All arguments for or against that aside I think I could enjoy some time in herEl Camino… just at what cost? Check out Daryl’s own websitefor more information and for updates leading up to the sale of her BioDiesel El Camino.


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