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Darth Maul, Your Car is Ready … MWDesign’s “Darth Maul” M3

Posted in BMW, car modifications, Conversion Kits, Design, Fast Cars, M Series by Alex Kierstein | May 20th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

<i>Come to the Dark Side!</i>

Come to the Dark Side!

Unlike the unfortunate MonoCraft MH1, MWDesign has crafted a vicious-looking piece of kit out of some high-quality aftermarket components, putting them together into an appearance package that just plain evil. In fact, if you cut it off, it will use the Force to turn your ride into a Pinto. And then it will rear-end you.


Actually, that feature is still in development, as are any power mods. H&R springs are really the only “substantive” mod, but the MW boys have thrown together a mean appearance package using a trunk and front bumper from Powerhouse Amuse and carbon-fiber bits and pieces. We think it nicely bridges the gap between the boy-racers and the cougars in SLKs. Well, judge for yourself.

[Source and Images: m3post ]

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