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Danica Patrick Debuts in SI Swimsuit Edition: New Perspective on Product Placement

Posted in General by will bee | February 14th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

It is not often that we discuss racing around here, but this was something that was deemed too important to overlook. Danica Patrick has risen in the sport of Indy Racing based solely on her talent and business acumen. She is a sharp driver and pragmatic about her career choices.
As product and brand placement have become synonymous with racing it would only make sense for someone in racing to turn that standard around. Some may question her choices in these matters, but in the end they are her choices. The same complaints were lobbed at Anna Kournikova when she pursued her modeling career while chasing after that ever elusive Grand Slam. So the lingering question for Danica Patrick will be whether her modeling opportunities detract from her pursuit of her first major victory, or of the greatest victory in motor sports: The Indy 500?

Now, with that said, we have no problems with Danica Patrick’s modeling choices and applaud her success in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She does bring added attention to the sport of Indy Racing (which it needs desperately). Looking at other racers and their sponsorships, do you really think that slow panning of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s lower section in his Wrangler Commercials is for us guys? There does not seem to be anyone around us saying, “Dale’s butt looks good in those Wranglers. I best get me a pair.”

In the end they are getting paid to sell products and often times that product is themselves. Popular drivers like Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt are as much a brand for themselves as they are racer, so naturally getting their images out there is vital toward the selling of their brand. The Brand does not always have to have results on the track to be successful (unfortunately), as long as they are competitive in racing and as long as their Brand sells well off the track.

So to get a better glimpse of the Danica Patrick Brand you can head on over to SI’s Swimsuit website for 44 race inspired(?) images. If you are looking to take in some of Dale Jr’s Brand it will not take much. His image is spread out all over the place.

Source[SI via AutoBlog]

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2 Responses

  1. […] RideLust points out, Danica Patrick has risen in the sport of Indy Racing based solely on her talent and business […]

  2. Ronald E Shoemaker says:

    I think Danica Is doing very good. She is Lerneing a lot over time . In time She will be had to beat. I really like to watch her race. In ether car,