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Dan Gurney: A Man With Steel Stones

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Dan Gurney Eagle

Few people in motorsports have accomplished as much as the legendary Dan Gurney. He’s competed in Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy car, the Trans Am racing series, Sports Car World Championship Events, the British Saloon Car Championship Series as well as just about every other motorsports series on the planet Earth. He ran in a time when racing technology was in its infancy and drivers won events with sheer horsepower and will. His Eagle Formula 1 car of the late 1960’s for example weighed in at 1170 lbs, had a Gurney Weslake built V12 that made 395-410 bhp at 11.000 rpm and went almost 200 mph. By today’s standards the car was a coffin on wheels, but back in 1966-1968, it was one of the most advanced racing machines out there.

Source: Road and Track

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One Response

  1. ds440 says:

    The Eagle Westlake is the most beautiful F1 car ever. Hands down. And that sweet, sweet sound……..glorious.