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Daihatsu Deca Deca Concept Makes Surprisingly Dazzling Debut

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Alright now listen up because we’re only going to say this once: the Daihatsu Deca Deca Concept is pretty cool. Maybe it’s just the impressive way in which Daihatsu chose to display the Deca Deca’s flexible functionality in the press photos, or maybe we’re just feeling unusually charitable today, but either way we find ourselves tipping our hats to Diahatsu.

Unfortunately, the Deca Deca is merely a concept and will be sharing the spotlight at its Tokyo debut with five other Diahatsu vehicles (none of which are really worth reading about, trust us), so the press release detailing the Deca Deca’s many features was sparse to say the least. Really all we know is what can be immediately gleaned from the photos, which is probably for the best since it’s a safe bet that whatever is under the hood would make us weep for humanity…but that’s neither here nor there.

What we do know about the Deca Deca concept is that it was engineered to be a multi-functional “super box” that could be modified to accommodate a wide range of activities. As such, the low, flat floor and pillarless, side-by-side doors (135 degrees) were designed provide superb ease of ingress and egress and loading and unloading and the fold-away seats can be removed or rearranged to suit everything from an impromptu business meeting to hauling tools.

No word yet on production intent but again, that’s probably for the best.

Source: Daihatsu

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