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Customized Old Lawnmower Kicks Some Serious Ass!

Posted in Cool Stuff, Repair, Toys by MrAngry | July 21st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Mark Moriarity

When you have the ability to take a busted-ass old lawnmower and turn it into something I’d put in my living room on display, well… then you’ve got some series skills. Take this old hedge hog for example. It was restored by one Mark Moriarity, a custom car builder and restorer who is basically a legend. Moriarity is known for restoring many of Ed Roth’s original cars including the Car Craft Dream Rod and the Futurian, so when he saw this old lawn mower, it was apparently something he just couldn’t pass up.

Mark Moriarity

Vision is what it takes to create something like the Atomic Yard Master that you see here, I mean seriously, just look at this thing. From the two-tone paint, to the chromed out engine to the pin striping, this mower really does have it all. I’m a big fan of using all the cars, trucks and tools that you can, but this thing, well… this thing should be retired to a trophy case somewhere.

Source: The Garage Journal

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