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Custom Built Unimog Hoonage

Posted in 4x4, Mercedes Benz, Off-Roading by Kurt Ernst | March 11th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Magpul Industries builds upgraded parts and accessories for assault rifles. When they decided to build an off-road vehicle for promotional purposes, it was a pretty safe bet that they’d opt for the baddest ORV on the planet as a starting point. Working with Couch Off Road Engineering in Denver, CO, Magpul commissioned the custom Unimog you see here. Powered by a turbo diesel motor, this ‘Mog features 15,000 pound hydraulic winches on the front and rear, 8mm thick sliders and skid plates, a super-duty bull bar, a custom 27 gallon fuel tank and a spare tire carrier that doubles as a wheelie bar for climbing particularly steep grades.

In case you had any doubt on my choice of the Unimog as a zombie apocalypse vehicle of choice, this video should convince you. I’d sure love to take this beast for a drive across the Switzerland Trail.

Source: BangShift

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