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Criminals turn Ford Escape into Bigfoot.

Posted in Car Chase, Crashes, Videos by MrAngry | August 12th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

How desperate must you really be to run from the police. Over the years we have seen people try and get away from the police in everything from a wheelchair to super exotics. The outcome however is always the same and ends with the perpetrator either wrecking their car, slamming into a pedestrians car or totaling out the officers car. Take this schmuck for example. First off he decides to run from the pursuing officer in of all things, a Ford Escape and then when cornered like a rat, he tries to turn his little SUV into Bigfoot and roll right over the officers car. I suppose when you’ve got nothing to lose your a survival instinct just kicks in and you say to hell with all the consequences, but damn… sometimes you’ve just got to know that you’re simply outgunned and throw in the towel.

Source: Youtube.com

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