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Crazy Saudi’s Get Serious Air!

Posted in Car Stunts, General, Hoonage, Videos by MrAngry | March 29th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

Pickup Truck Jumping

The beauty of being a car enthusiast is that we’re found all over the world. From the largest cities to the most baron deserts, if there are vehicles around you can almost always bet there are those who will be modifying, fixing and enjoying them. Take these two crazy nuts over in Saudi Arabia. These guys seem to be hell bent on seeing who can get the most hang time by jumping a Toyota pick-up and what looks to be an old Land Cruiser. They’re getting at least six feet of vertical air and hitting distances of what look to be about 30-35 feet! The dunes they’re on remind me of the ones at Glamis in California, except without the 9-million people. On video I have to say that it’s pretty impressive, however I have a feeling that the suspension components in these bad boys aren’t long for this world. Click through for the video.

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4 Responses

  1. Shahroz says:

    haha those trucks are solid !!
    you should see the abuse these trucks take daily and you would be surprised to see how many of them are still around.

  2. Jean Amaral says:

    Its just a joke ok: Its the video of the Al-Qaeda new weapon
    . Flying bomb car hahahahahahahah

  3. Taylor says:

    As fun as these videos are to watch, I just can’t give any of these guys over here any respect.

    The fact that they do things that most people wouldn’t do is what makes them enjoyable but they also take that same basic I don’t give a shit attitude onto public street also.

    Just this evening I saw some douchebag in a GT-R literally force another car into the shoulder just so he could pass. This was in rush hour traffic traveling at 130KPH and the pushed car was in the left lane. There was approximately 4-5 inches of space between the two cars during this maneuver.

    Gearheads, they aren’t even close. They are just a bunch of people that have come into a bunch of money all of the sudden and go out and buy whatever vehicle suits their mood at the time with no real idea of what it takes to drive and handle a car.

    Just can’t respect them.

  4. old red says:

    holy shit!
    looks fun XD