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Crash, Bang, BOOM! End over end crash at Brands-Hatch.

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Europeans will race anything they can get their hands on. They have race series in cars with names like Seat, Skoda and Lancia, names that we’ve never heard of here in the States. These cars are generally compact in nature with small displacement engines that rev to the moon. Be warned though that just because these cars are small that doesn’t mean that they’re slow or that the competition is any less fierce. Take for example the recent crash of Portuguese driver Francisco Carvalho during the Seat Leon Eurocup at Brands-Hatch raceway. Carvalho got kicked sideways when another driver cut the apex and spun him into the sidewall. Carvalho’s car then launched up in the air and flipped ass over tea kettle only to wind up in the spectator area. In all honesty, it’s amazing that no one got killed. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, racing is racing and with it comes the inherent possibility of crashes. Thankfully though during this incident everyone walked away unharmed.

Source: Youtube.com

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