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Could this be the end of Chrysler?

Posted in General by davidallen | February 16th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Like many American products Chrysler stands out as one of the big ones, even here in the UK, we all know the Chrysler name, yet is this name to disappear along with all the others that we have lost over the years? There was a time when the car manufacturers were many, with lots of models and they all seemed to have had their own distinct branding, which in turn would mean their customer base was loyal to the brand.


It appears now that all the leading brands are blending, it is sometimes hard to keep up with who is who as either whole companies or just part companies (Sometimes just the name) are traded off by the car manufacturing super giants, they are the top of the tree and like children in a school playground swap or car brands to suit whatever their current needs are or what they are looking for in the long term. This is actually bad for the whole auto industry, not just in the states but thought the world.

General Motors may be planning to take on the Chrysler part of the Daimler Chrysler business, but where would that leave the company? They must be dependent on the combined resources so if they were to break the company then that would leave a vacuum which would mean the company being broken up and all the good parts snapped up and the rest discarded.


Of course we will never know what the long term plans are, but General Motors being one of the car giants, need to expand to survive, these companies are like the business Borg, they must assimilate, which is what all big companies do, otherwise it will be them who are being assimilated by a larger and more powerful collective.

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