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Could DeLorean make a comeback?

Posted in Car Tech, Concept Cars by davidallen | July 30th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

In reality the DeLorean Motor Company never went away, it just stopped building new cars. Due the very public humiliation of founder John Delorean when he got himself into trouble trying to save the company. The DeLorean Motor Company was bought by a company based in Texas; they also have a network of regional affiliates, and are in the business of just keeping the company name and the car alive.


There were 9,000 DeLoreans built, but it is estimated that there are only around 6,500 on the road, which require parts and servicing etc. But the company cringes every time they see a mock up of the most famous of all DeLoreans, the one from the movie series “Back to the Future”.

So what could be the future for the DeLorean? It appears that there are plans to build the car again, however they will be in the form of kits, this way the company can save money and time, supplying a car in kit form has a lot less restrictions placed on them, than their factory built cousins.


As soon as the current restoration program has been cleared, it is then that the company will start to produce the kits and who knows where this would lead. There are many fans of the car, the film and both the car and the film, this is a pretty large base to be building on.

The estimated start date is believed to be around spring of next year, so we had better get saving then!

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