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Couch Potato Madness – SHIFT 2: Unleashed

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Shift 2: Unleashed

For those of you that think that Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are the only great driving franchises out there, well folks, you’d be dead wrong. A few years ago I was able to get my hands on a then new copy of EA Sport’s racing game, SHIFT and I was blown away by how much fun it was. The graphics, physics and overall playability was top notch so when I heard that EA Sports was making a sequel I was totally stoked. SHIFT 2: Unleashed is due out at the end of March and by the looks of the new trailer it seems that we’re going to be in for a real treat. With new features like night driving, real time damage and a wicked cool helmet cam, the game simply looks incredible and promises to give those other franchises a run for their money. Plus their online game play is simply stellar as well. My only problem now is that I’m pissed that I have to wait until the end of March to get a copy. SHIFT 2: Unleashed will be available for XBOX, PS3 and PC computers.

• Ignition Interview

• Track Disaster Trailer

Source: Gametrailers.com

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2 Responses

  1. a says:

    what’s the difference between this and NFS:Shift?

  2. Siddharth says:

    Pssst. check last line PC computer?: PC = Personal Computer. :-)