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Costume Crazy: A Transformers Tribute for the DVD Release

Posted in General, Movie Cars, Toys, Videos by will bee | October 16th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

With the release of this Summer’s Transformer Movie taking place today it seemed appropriate to spotlight all those videos out there that pay tribute in some respect to the phenomenon that is Transformers. It is truly amazing the time and detail that goes into some of these. Not so much in video quality but in the imaginitive costumes that many fans have created.

The first video is from a costume party that is completely laden with Transformers that really transform. Take a look at these fans as they put their costumes to the test.

Here is a video of a young fan rolling out his creation on his families carpet for the camera and all of us to see. While it may not be an exact Transformers costume his creativity is still worthy of a view.

It seems the younger fans have an edge in costume creation as evidenced by the following clip… sad sad sad… but funny.

While Transformers has always had great marketing, from toys to games to lunch boxes, the phenomenon has also inspired some others to steal some creative marketing.

The latest is this Citroen C4 ad. Maybe they are vying to be Jazz’s replacement in the Autobot army… hehe.

But while some commercials have great budgets and CGI, others just tell a wonderful story. Check out this commercial spoof that just goes to show… you never know what you are going to get with a used car.

So head on out and buy or rent a copy of the Transformers Movie today. That way when Halloween comes and you find some deminitive truck or jet plane parked at your doorstep you will not be started when it transforms into a hungry child yelling “Trick or Treat.”

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