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Corvette’s “Blue Devil” will officially be badged as the next ZR1

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After rounds of speculation and misdirection Chevrolet finally comes out to say that the Corvette referred to as “Blue Devil” and thought to be the upcoming ZO7 is actually going to get badged as the ZR1. The ZR1 badging was first used in 1971 and then revived again in the 90’s. It is usually earmarked as the fastest of the Corvette breed during its limited production run. With a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 it is promised to have more horsepower than the current 505-hp ZO6.

The all new supercharged Corvette is listed as a 2009 model and will begin production in 2008. Sales for the ZR1 are projected to begin in late 2008. And if you think the ZO6 costs a pretty penny just wait until you get a load of this Corvette. Supercharging a production car does not come cheap.

It is also believed that the same 6.2 liter V8 that is in the ZR1 is what will find its way into the next Cadillac CTS-v. What a mighty tandem they will make for GM.

The ZR1 Corvette is going to have its coming-out party at this years Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) in January. Look for more information from Chevrolet during that time.


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