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Controlling the Road Rage within is essential for everyone’s safety and YOUR sanity

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No Road Rage Zone (?)

There are incidents on our roads everyday that could potentially set our blood to boil. For many there is a tipping point to where the responses to those events become hazardous and potentially fatal to ourselves and, more importantly, to the innocent bystanders around us. That flip of the switch is when Road Rage takes over and others would be advised to clear a path.

Here is the encyclopia’s explanation of Road Rage:
Aggressive behaviour while driving a motor vehicle on a public highway. There is no specific road rage offence in England and Wales, but such behaviour may involve a breach of other laws. If the aggressor causes injury, he or she may face conviction for murder, causing death by reckless driving, battery, or some other offence.

Unlike other forms of abuse or PMS you cannot use Road Rage as a mental excuse for inflicting irrational and immediate harm on somebody. Even if the person that you were focused on damaging is someone who raced past you in their white F-150 Oasis Landscaping truck on a two lane road across a double-line as on-coming traffic was approaching while you were maintaining a speed yourself that was a bit above the speed limit. Nope, that person risking your life and the fate of the on-coming traffic is not a justifiable reason to torpedo said offensive driver.
Oh, and tailgating the reckless driver with malicious or even unknown intent is neither acceptable nor encouraged. The best advice is to pull yourself and your mind away from the incident and attempt not to watch as Speed Racer barrels on down the road weaving in and out of heavy traffic. Breath deep, drive slow and relax with the thought that you will have all day to stew about what just transpired. With any luck you will find an outlet for your pain that is constructive. Do not count on the possibility that there might be a cop up ahead who captures the driver and has him pulled over as you approach. Such wishful thinking is never fulfilled.

So what do you do after you have safely suppressed your own Road Rage so that you feel better for not pursuing the unthinkable? Here are a list of websites with which you can voice your own rage over your instance of Road Rage and maybe exact a little retribution. Grab those plate numbers or in certain cases jot down the number to the Landscaping company to which the truck with New Jersey plates belongs and express your thoughts and feelings in words and in tattling.


Whatever you do be sure to keep the rage out of your car and home. Suppress your Road Rage until you have the proper outlet upon which to type it, or stamp it, or beat it (boxing or pillow fights, not on other people/animals) out of your system. When you have completed the task make sure that it is completely removed from your mind and fists before stepping back into the car. While the life you save may be your own, if you are not careful the lifetime you spend may be behind bars.

So remember:
Breath. Step away from the incident. Allow Karma or bad luck or fate or other forces to step in and maybe render the offender who was driving that Landscaping Truck with the Jersey plates impotent, blind or car-less for the next 40 years.

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