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Consumer Reports makes Crash Test Videos an online tool for car shoppers

Posted in Car Tech, Crash Testing, Design by will bee | August 26th, 2007 | 1 Response |

IIHS Consumer Reports

Today’s auto shopper has more knowledge available to them than at any other time in automotive history. The internet has opened up a space for complete coverage of all things automotive where all details and insights for all new cars are available and for nearly all used cars. Recently one more investigative tool has been made more accessible to shoppers when Consumer Reports announced that it will make the crash videos of nearly 200 cars available online.

Crash tests availability to the online community is a long time coming with some spotty coverage having been loaded into websites like YouTube in the past, but complete coverage to this time has been quite restricted. The videos made available are for both new and used cars but do not include every car ever tested, but maybe someday they will.

Many car makers would warn you that not all crash tests are a conclusive indication of how a automobile will fare in all crash scenarios. However, multiple poor ratings in any of the tests performed can have quite an effect on a shoppers perspective when looking for that next car purchase. Very few parents will knowingly choose a family transport that has earned a reputation as a death trap.

To see if your car or a model similar to it is included in Consumer Reports web log of crash tests take this short-cut straight to the website. If you are in the market for a new car and have narrowed down your choices then Consumer Reports crash videos may be the right next step in making that final decision. Auto makers have been working to provide the latest and greatest safety features to their cars and with IIHS and Consumer Reports crash testing you at least have the opportunity to see a visual representation of how well those features perform… or don’t.


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  1. Dee says:

    Good to know.. more tools gooood for car decisions or ponders of cars from afar…