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Construction Equipment in One Half Scale

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Peterbilt Tractor

Peterbilt tractor

Fred Heim builds models. In fact, Fred Heim has built models for most of his adult life; what sets him apart is the subject and scale of modeling. Not content to work from kits, Heim builds his models almost entirely of wood unless functionality calls for steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Featured below is part of his collection, currently up for sale on eBay.

His first subject was a Peterbilt tractor. After making a cardboard mockup to determine if he could actually get in and out of the cab, Heim began work build the tractor from wood and aluminum. It is driven by a water cooled, 26 horsepower diesel motor and features working windows, lights, gauges and air suspension. The rig also features a hydrostatic transmission and functional hydraulic brakes.

Peterbilt tractor dump trailer

Next came the dump trailer, also built primarily of aluminum and wood.

Cat D8R

Caterpillar D8R

Heim’s next project was a static replica of a Caterpillar D8R bulldozer. To haul the D8R, he constructed a half scale model of a Rogers low-boy trailer, built from aluminum with wooden decking.

Rogers low-boy trailer

Rogers low-boy trailer

A Caterpillar 345 excavator followed (shown on the low-boy trailer, above). Like the dozer, the Cat 345 is a static replica with a rotating cab.

Cat 980H

Caterpillar 980 Wheel Loader

No longer content to build just static models, Heim set his sights on a remote controlled model of a Caterpillar 980H wheel loader. Featuring a 6.5 horsepower motor, the Cat 980 features a lifting and turning bucket and forward and reverse gears.

If you’re interested in the collection, the auction is HERE.

The opening bid price is $100k, but that doesn’t cover the reserve. Expensive? Perhaps, but understandable when you factor in the hours spent in building these incredible replicas.

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