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Conquest Vehicles Knight XV: For The Rich And Paranoid

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Cool Stuff, Custom, Expensive Cars, Ford, Off-Roading, Trucks by Kurt Ernst | May 27th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Let’s face it: if you’re filthy, stinking rich, there’s probably someone out to get you. Maybe they just want your cash, or maybe your family crossed theirs a few generations back. Now that you’ve got the coin, isn’t $489,000 a worthy investment for your piece of mind? Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard seems to think so, because he rolls in a Knight XV of his very own. If he lives in Orlando, I have to say that’s a pretty sensible choice of vehicle.

So what does a base price of $489,000 buy you, aside from the ability to laugh at carjackers? The Knight XV is built from the ground up as an armored vehicle, and isn’t just a converted truck with Kevlar sheets and ceramic plates in the doors. The manufacturer starts with a specially modified Ford F550 chassis, adds a Ford V10 motor designed to run on E85 fuel, then builds a custom body armored to each client’s specifications. The end result is some twenty feet long, nearly eight feet wide, over eight feet tall and tips the scales at 13,000 pounds. As you’d expect, the Knight XV is four wheel drive, and offers 14” of ground clearance for getting out of bad situations quickly, regardless of the terrain.

Don’t think this is a vehicle for posers, either. The list of options reads like a spec sheet for a military vehicle, less the turret mounted minigun, of course. Buyers can choose to add surveillance cameras, external microphones, magnetic detectors (for countering under-vehicle bombs, of course), bolt lock doors and a protected exhaust system. Need a smokescreen generator to aid your escape? Just check the option box. Want a backup oxygen supply to counter a gas attack? It’s on the option list.

Of course buyers dropping this kind of coin want comfort, too. Seating options range from boardroom style leather seats to sleeper seats like you’d find in an airliner’s first class section. Privacy screens and curtains are available for rear passengers, who can also enjoy a media center with a flat screen TV, a bar and a cigar humidor. If you opt to not wear that $50,000 Rolex last minute, an in-vehicle safe is available to protect your belongings.

All things considered, the Conquest Vehicles Knight XV represents a pretty solid value. If you need one, chances are you’ll have the means to pay for it. Since only 100 examples will be built, you’re all but guaranteed to have the only one at your country club; besides, the Knight XV can easily haul you, three friends and all your golf clubs to the links. Try that in a Lamborghini Murcielago.

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  1. They’re marketing directly to druglords. It’s risky, but it’ll probably pay off.

    Also: I now know I use the word “hideous” far too often. This is truly hideous.