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Congress forced to lease green rigs

Posted in Cars, Politics by David | June 3rd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Congress passed a law, now they have to follow it. The law will make them go green whether they want to or not. And I for one believe it’s about darn time. Seriously enough is enough. Let’s force them to do something that makes sense instead of shoveling more money in Exxon’s already fat wallets.

gas prices

A congressman’s campaign to force members of Congress to drive “green” is gassed up and ready to go.

Lincoln Navigators to tool around the old congressional district? Those were the days, my friend.

At a time when gasoline costs more than $4 per gallon, do lawmakers really want to sit behind the wheel of a big honking SUV or some other gas-guzzling symbol of luxury, and on the taxpayer’s dime?

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s three-year drive to bring fuel efficiency to the federal vehicle-leasing program finally got some wheels. The EPA finally has compiled a list of what can be leased under Cleaver’s 2005 proposal, which requires members of the House of Representatives who lease a vehicle taxpayer expense to pick one with low greenhouse-gas emissions.

Source:McClatchy DC

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