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Coda Electric Sedan Launch Delayed To Q3 2011

Posted in auto industry, Car Buying, Electric Cars, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | November 22nd, 2010 | 1 Response |

Coda Sedan

If you’ve been phoning your local Enterprise Car Rental franchise weekly, just to see if the Coda Sedans have hit the fleet yet, it looks like you’ll need to be a bit more patient. The fledgling electric car manufacturer has pushed the launch of the Coda Sedan back to the second half of 2011, a delay of at least seven months. Per 4 Wheels News, interim Coda CEO Mac Heller claims the delay was necessary to build buffer time into the schedule. Translating that from CEO speak to plain English, development, testing and approvals are taking longer than the company anticipated, but Heller insists there are no problems with the cars or the distribution network.

Once it hits the street, the Coda will carry up to five passengers plus luggage, and has a projected range of “up to” 120 miles under ideal conditions. The car requires six hours for a full charge (using a 240V Level 2 charger, I assume) but can be quick charged, yielding up to a 40 mile range, in just two hours. Projected pricing is $44,900, which makes the Coda nearly $4,000 more expensive than Chevy’s Volt, and $12,120 more expensive than Nissan’s Leaf. Enterprise Car Rental announced plans last October to incorporate some 100 Coda sedans into their rental car fleet by the end of 2011, and it’s not yet known if Coda’s delay to market will impact Enterprise’s roll out of the electric car.

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