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Classic mobile cinema helped bring technology to the masses.

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We all know that going to the movies can sometimes be a trying experience. There is planning that needs to be done, schedules that need to be met and then there’s the all important choice of what snacks to get before the start of the picture. Back in the early 1960’s, after Britain had finally recovered from the toils of the second world war, Harold Wilson, the Prime Minister at the time, wanted to show the public that Britain was at the forefront of the modern age. Commissioned by the Ministry of Technology, these great beasts of cinema were sent to factories all over the country showing inspirational films to workers. In today’s day and age this may seem a bit hokey and ridiculous, but back then before the internet, cell phones and flat screen TV’s, the mobile cinema represented all the good things that were to come.

This is one of those rare pieces of automotive history that would’ve been bypassed if it had not been for the efforts of its owner Oley Hands, who purchased the languishing mobile cinema from a friend after having a few to many pints. It’s a great story and one that we think you’ll enjoy!

Source: Devour.com

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