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Citroen’s Crossover Hybrid Hypnos

Posted in BMW, Citroen, Concept Cars, Diesel, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Infiniti by Geoff | October 26th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

Like the previous concepts highlighted here on Ridelust that utilize the unique drivetrain developments from Peugeot and Citroen, the Hypnos is marketed as a hybrid in terms of both technology and styling.  Similar to other crossovers, the Hynos concept attempts to combine multiple attributes of style, performance and utility with the company’s unique HYmotion4 technology. 

Most impressively, the diesel hybrid drivetrain features a rear axle-mounted electric 200 horsepower motor which Citroen contends optimizes dynamic performance and traction, lowers emissions, and pushes fuel consumption above 60+mpg.  The HYmotion4 hybrid drivetrain architecture also features an “extended” completely silent all-electric mode.  When conditions of low grip are encountered or strong acceleration is required, the car goes into four-wheel drive mode, with the electric motor powering the back wheels and the combustion engine the front wheels.  Clearly looking to take aim at the same buyers attracted to the BMW X6 and Infiniti FX, from a design standpoint the Hypnos is distinguished by 22 inch wheels and pronounced arches that provide a high-stance and a pillarless floating roof. The body is finished in deep radiant grey that varies in intensity according to the light and a concave rear window.  Entry to the uniquely styled interior is made easier via rear-hinged doors and a cargo tailgate at the back that gives unrestricted access to rear cargo.  Like a mobile spa, occupants are treated to a variety of soothing features, such as “color therapy.”  Air vents on either side of the dashboard add to the color therapy experience by using micro-diodes located inside the air-conditioning duct which emit halos of soft light in a color that varies with the chosen temperature. This therapy is also tailored to the individual.  A ceiling mounted camera films the driver’s face and compares the image with pre-recorded data to gauge the driver’s state of mind and adjusts cabin lighting.  Aromatherapy is apparently also in the mix with scented air-fresheners that adjust according to mood.  The four body-hugging seats are positioned around a central “hub” in a staggered seating layout that allows each passenger their own individual space.  Occupants can customize elements such as air conditioning settings and each seat has components that can be inflated and deflated for upper and lower back massages.  No word on whether the Hypnos will actually become a production vehicle, but Citroen says the HyMotion4 technology will definitely be used on future vehicles of some kind.

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2 Responses

  1. Wow that is a hot looking car I am not really a fan of Citroen but boy I wouldn’t mind having a car like this one. It looks so space aged and futuristic.

  2. Now this is some looking way out there car, something for the future thats for sure. I could see my self driving around in a car like that on thing is that its a costly car to have serviced.