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Citroën SM Breadvan Racer

Posted in Citroen, Classic, Racing, Rally by Dustin Driver | January 23rd, 2010 | 1 Response |

The Citroën SM was by no stretch of the imagination a rally car. It was heavy, luxurious, and big. It’s Maserati-derived V-6 only put out about 175 horsepower and its self-leveling hydro-pneumatic suspension and speed-sensitive power steering were complex and fragile. Still, that didn’t stop the mad Frenchmen at Citroën from fitting it with some Cibie lights and entering it in one of the most grueling rally races in history, the 1971 Rallye du Maroc in Africa. And despite its plush ride and complex engineering, it won.

What we have here is a later short-wheelbase rally racing SM. It’s a souped-up SM that’s been cut down to make it lighter and faster. It also has a wicked Kammback “breadvan” style rear end for improved aerodynamics. No breadvan SMs were ever sold to the public, but an industrious builder could replicate one with a Sawzall and some serious metalworking skills.

Checkout more pics of the SM breadvan at Serious Wheels.

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One Response

  1. Richard K says:

    Citroën SM Breadvan Racer – it appears the design is similar to the Ligier based on the CX.