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Citroen REVOLTE Concept Makes The Set Up Way Too Easy

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Okay, so it appears to have been clapped out by the same ricer fanboys that meet at the strip mall behind your house every third Saturday, but it’s still not as bad as some of the other concepts we’ve seen. As a matter of fact, lose the Grimace theme and the Citroen REVOLTE Concept could have the potential to unseat the Scion tC as the most found vehicle in the community college parking lot.

For those of you with an affinity for older vehicles the REVOLTE may look vaguely familiar, and for good reason – the inspiration behind it was not The Fast and The Furious but rather the 2CV of legends told. The REVOLTE is intended to be a 21st century interpretation of the old classic (which we’re not completely sure we buy but we’re willing to play along with anyway) and as such it relies on the obligatory “alternative power source” – in this case electricity. The press release was surprisingly void of any raw sats on how the electric powertrain works, as matter of fact, absolutely no mention was made regarding the motor/battery at all. Apparently falsely believing the REVOLTE’s aesthetics are its biggest selling point, Citroen’s PR department devoted a wordy three paragraphs to extolling the REVOLTE’s forward thinking design principles. We managed to make it past “sophisticated materials” and “increasing urbanisation,” but we threw in the towel after we got to “superbly transgressive.” All you really need to know you can glean from the pictures.

Source: Citroen

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