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Citroen Revolte Concept Giant Target for Obvious Jokes

Posted in Bizarre, Citroen, Compact Cars, Concept Cars, Design, Foreign Cars, New Cars by Alex Kierstein | September 9th, 2009 | 1 Response |


Look, maybe “Revolte” means something different in French, like “graceful surrender” or “delicious snail.” However, in certain contexts we could understand it in English as “revolt,” meaning to rebel, which is surely what the more-Gallic-than-thou automaker is going for (although if they look to their own revolutionary past of unnecessary bloodletting, then possibly it’s a problematic association). But then there’s the other meaning of revolt, so eloquently captured in the internet phrase “I just threw up a bit in my mouth.” We’ll park the editorial content there and let our readers decide which meaning to assign this new Citroen concept, which folks are thinking will eventually revive the 2CV badge (but not this 2CV idea) as sort of a riff off of the successful Fiat reintroduction of the 500 moniker. Gallery after the jump.

No idea what the mechanical underpinnings are, but we assume it will simply adopt the platform of whatever the cheapest Citroen in that segment is, and serve as its upscale version – not unlike the Fiat 500’s relationship to the Panda it is based off of. Not terribly original, but a safe business model. Of course, being a Citroen, it’s highly unlikely it’ll ever make it to US shores, but between the name and this gallery below, we thought everyone would enjoy learning about it.

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One Response

  1. mick says:

    revolting! i couldn’t even go into the detail pics it looks so bad.. did they get anything right with the design?