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Citroen C-Airscape Concept Car set for Frankfurt Auto Show Unveiling

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Citroën C-Airscape

It seems like every month another European concept car comes along that will not be seen in the U.S. market. With the Frankfurt Auto Show coming up soon that number could swell dramatically. For this week it is a Citroen concept car called the C-Airscape. It is a 4-seat convertible that is said to be based on the upcoming C5 sedan.

First impressions of what has been released of the C-Airscape are favorable. The lines of the body, trim and style all give the concept convertible a streamlined effect. There is a balance of sporty elegance in the 2-door C-Airscape.

The unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show will surely provide us added details and photos of the completed C-Airscape concept car. It may also give plenty of observers a chance to imagine for themselves just what the coupe version, the C5, will look like. Check back here in the coming months for more information from Citroen.


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