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Chrysler sneaks a ‘Cuda Concept into SEMA

Posted in Auto Show, Chrysler, Concept Cars by will bee | October 30th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Chrysler Cuda Concept SEMA

There has been some cat and mouse in the media and online about whether or not Chrysler would grace the market with a true Cuda revival. Chrysler has been discounting the chances of a Barricuda return while many have been seeing it as a logical conclusion. Well now it seems that Chrysler is trying on a little logic because they just wheeled in a Cuda Concept car based off the Dodge Challenger into the SEMA show. What you see above is the night before the big opening day for SEMA and that Cuda Concept is sitting quietly, patiently.

Chrysler Cuda Concept SEMA

There are no real details on the car as of yet, but that is sure to change as the day progresses. Look for Chrysler to have a lot of explainging to do and look for us to soak it up and dish it out.


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One Response

  1. Rivky says:

    The Sema Cuda shaker scoop on the Chrysler concept was made for the new Chargers and Magnums by Danko Reproductions Inc (Danko Direct) and is sold on Ebay