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Chrysler Recalls 25,300 Vehicles With CTS Accelerator Pedals

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2007 Dodge Caliber

Chrysler is announcing the recall of 25,300 model year 2007 Dodge Calibers and Jeep Compass vehicles equipped with CTS-manufactured accelerator pedal assemblies. As with the Toyota vehicles that used pedal assemblies from CTS, the accelerator can stick in an open throttle position. Both the Dodge Caliber and the Jeep Compass are equipped with a brake over-ride system, which should allow a driver to maintain control even with a stuck accelerator pedal.

The recall was prompted by an enlarged bearing housing on the pedal assembly, and is not considered to be a design defect. Chrysler and Jeep dealers will replace the pedal assemblies on affected vehicles, and will be contacting owners shortly. The recall only applies to certain 2007 model year Dodge Calibers and Jeep Compasses; owners with questions can contact Chrysler’s customer service line at (800) 992-1997.

Source: Chrysler Recalls 25,300 Cars For Sticky CTS Pedals

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