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Chrysler Flushes The FLO

Posted in Car Accessories, Car Tech, Chrysler, General, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | October 18th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Bad news for the 825 people that had FLO TV installed in their Chrysler vehicle: Qualcomm, the service provider for FLO TV, has decided to pull the plug on it’s mobile television service. Chrysler offered this as a $629, dealer installed option on select 2010 and 2011 models, and recently reported that sales of the system were well below estimates. The company has stopped selling FLO TV in dealerships, and is working on a way to pacify existing customers.

If you can’t live without live TV in your minivan (and who among us wants to miss Dr. Phil on the road?), Chrysler will continue to offer Sirius TV, which appears to be incompatible with existing FLO TV systems. Subscribers of Sirius TV are unaffected by the demise of FLO TV, which means you can still watch Oprah Winfrey in the back of your minivan while dressed in women’s underwear and spike heels. If that’s your thing.

FLO TV won’t disappear overnight, as Qualcomm plans to wind down the service by Spring 2011. There’s no indication yet on what Chrysler will do to make things right with FLO TV customers, but I’m guessing it will be more than a coupon for a free oil change.

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