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Chrysler-Fiat Alliance Would Bring 7 New Fiat Vehicles To U.S.

Posted in Alfa Romeo, auto industry, Car Branding, Cars, Chrysler, Fiat, Foreign Cars, New Cars, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | January 26th, 2009 | 4 Responses |

While a finalized version of the Chrysler-Fiat alliance has yet to be officially approved, sources familiar with the terms of the agreement have confirmed that an alliance between the two automotive titans would pave the way for Fiat’s North American debut. Tentatively, the plan calls for a total of 7 Fiat vehicles to make their way to the U.S. market, intended to represent each segment equally. Although it is still unclear which vehicles will serve simply as underpinnings and which vehicles will maintain their Fiat badging, the good news is that Alfa Romeo MiTo will be making the jump across the pond.

In addition, Fiat also plans to introduce 2 A-segment vehicles, most likely the Fiat 500 and a Chrysler-badged Fiat Panda variant; 2 B-Segment vehicles: the Alfa Romeo MiTo and an as-yet-undisclosed additional vehicle for the Chrysler lineup; 2 C-Segment vehicles: the Alfa Romeo 147 as well as similar vehicle sharing the same Fiat C-Evo platform; and 1 D-Segment vehicle: a Chrysler Sebring replacement built on an elongated version of the aforementioned C-Evo platform.

If the Chrysler-Fiat agreement receives the necessary approval, sources indicate the first Fiat vehicles should begin appearing on Chrysler’s U.S. dealer lots as early 2012.

Source: Auto News

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4 Responses

  1. Car Tuning says:

    this could go really well for the european automakers but don’t know if the giants from the automotive industry in the US would be too happy. Citroen and Fiat produce pretty good cars, with nice design at a small price and with this economic crisis people would rather buy a cheap and efficient car than an expensive american muscle car.

  2. Boamorte says:

    That’s will be greatest breakthrought for Detroit. Especially for workers & their families. No job losses anymore. Chrysler desperately needs bestsellers. That new series will hit US markets.
    In Europe the Fiat & it’s friends from PSA (Peugeot Citro?n) strong competitors against Jap rivals. Why not in US too?
    Next. Americans are hungry for the AR’s return. That will back AR on track. I heard that AR Duetto will create & produce by Americans. Design by the Pininfarina USA, and made by the Chrysler!

  3. glen says:

    i don’t believe fiat and psa have merged yet. i believe fiat and chrysler will merge and i believe it will revive and fiat as well. throw psa in the mix and it will be stronger yet, neither psa or fiat have dealerships in the us and this will give them an opening as well as an out source for chrysler. neither psa or fiat have big pick-ups or big cars. i believe chrysler could eliminate some of their duplications by condensing down to one dealership brand and add new models especially small compact and diesel engines without the expense of retooling. they have plants that could be retooled to build the fiat/alfa romeo brand in the united states. hopefully they would look at the alfa romeo brand to upscale the chrysler brand to compete with several small upscaled brands in the u.s. cadillac cts for an example. they could have new models ready to go to replace any aging designs. most of their designs are recent. i hope chrysler/fiat/alfa romeo and psa merge together. they could sell select brand in different countries

  4. glen says:

    i wasn’t aware that psa and fiat had mergered. i believe chrysler and fiat will very soon. it will be good for both because. neither fiat or psa have dealerships in the u.s. and both could use larger pick-up and larger vehicles in their lineups. it would save chrysler a lot in retooling and allow for diesel engines, especially small car. i believe it will happen