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Chrysler Exec Points Out the 5 Road Blocks for Alternative Fuels

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Chrysler’s Senior Manager of Energy Planning and Policy, Loren Beard, describes the five anti-alternative forces that are seeking to stymie the fuel alternatives. For years people have blamed the auto industry for being part of the problem by being in cahoots with the oil barron’s. Beard’s remarks bring all the obstacles together to point out that, as would be expected, everyone seems to be looking out for their own interests.

Follow the leap to learn what the 5 obstacles to alternative fuel solutions are.

The big 5 obstacles as indicated by Loren Beard of Chrysler are:

1. Big Oil
2. Big Agriculture
3. “Silver Bullett” carmakers
4. Fringe Environmental Groups

Each of the given road blocks to alternative fuels progress is infused in its own benefit and sustainable future. While self-interest is important in all businesses along with a sense of self-preservation, they should not attempt to mask it by portraying other industries as false, dangerous or impossible. Of course, that would be a completely naive approach to business.

Take the leap over to AutoBlogGreen to read in detail Loren Beards analysis and to watch the podcast of an interview with the Chrysler exec.

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