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Chrysler (Ex-)Dealers Face Brave New World … Today

Posted in auto industry, Car Buying, Chrysler, Detroit, Dodge, Jeep, Newsworthy by Alex Kierstein | June 9th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Yup, it’s zero hour for those 780 or so Chrysler dealers who got the axe from up on high. What are they going to do now? A lot of them are simply closing, but others are turning to resourceful ideas to turn losing their Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep franchise into an opportunity for change. Who says that being on the losing side of bankruptcy reorganization is necessarily certain doom?

One Dearborn, Michigan Chrysler dealer is turning into a buyer’s service, allowing a customer to avoid dealing with dealerships for a commission. Many are turning into used car dealerships, using their pre-existing customer databases to help them sell used cars. Some are also continuing to provide maintenance work to previous customers. While it’s a shame that so many dealers are going to have it tough, some are tapping into that famous American ingenuity and enterprise. We expect them to land on their feet.

[Source: Freep]

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