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Chrysler ENVI Van Kicks Off Earth Day In Washington D.C.

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In honor of Earth Day, Chrysler is unveiling the first production-ready vehicle from it’s all-electric ENVI fleet in Washington, D.C. today. A plug-in electric version of Chrysler’s popular Town & Country minivan, the first ENVI minivans will be used as fleet vehicles for the U.S. Postal Service, though neither Chrysler or the USPS have signed any documents authenticating the deal.

Of the five vehicles unveiled as a part of Chrysler’s ENVI lineup, only the Chrysler Town & Country and the Lotus Europa-inspired Dodge Circuit EV are all-electric vehicles. The remaining ENVI models are extended-range vehicles, meaning power is provided by both an advanced lithium ion battery pack and a standard gasoline engine. With both power sources combined, the miles-per-charge range of the vehicles is extended from 40 to 400 miles.

Without federal funding, however, Chrysler’s lofty plans for their new fleet vans will remain suspended in limbo unless they are able to secure more government money.

Source: Detroit News

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  1. unparalled61 says:

    this event would likely be an empty roads free of cars.