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Chrysler Calls It A Comeback, Revives Leasing Program

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Serious financial concerns forced Chrysler to discontinue its leasing practices in July 2008, but after a few months of steady suckling at government teat, the pentastar is ready to get back in the game. Effective September 17, 2009, Chrysler will begin offering hefty leasing incentives on all 2009 and 2010 MY Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. To jumpstart their comeback, Chrysler will offer 0% APR rates and upwards of 3 grand in Customer Cash back through the end up the month – none of which is an acceptable reason to even get within 10 feet of a Sebring. Or an Aspen. Or a PT Cruiser. But we digress.

“We are pleased to re-enter the leasing market so we can offer customers the opportunity to lease vehicles at rates competitive with the marketplace,” said Peter Fong, President and Chief Executive Officer–Chrysler Brand and Lead Executive for the Sales Organization, Chrysler Group LLC. “Our ability to offer additional financing options will benefit consumers who have long been fans of leasing and appreciate the flexibility this financing option gives them.”

Source: Chrysler

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