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Chrysler Abandons Lifetime Powertrain Warrantee

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charger_homepage At Least SRTs Are Now Covered

If you would have been swayed to purchase a new Chrysler product because of its promise of a “Lifetime Powertrain” Warranty, you are now out of luck. After consulting with their dealership network, Chrysler announced this week that it is dropping this incentive in favor of an alternate, and shorter powertrain guarantee.

dodge_viper_SRT10_Rdstr_Red_a_manu-08_04-1024 …As Is Viper

This decision was motivated, according to Chrysler, by discussions with their dealerships that revealed that potential customers would have preferred to buy a new car with a transferable warranty than a lifetime one. As a consequence, the new powertrain warranty only lasts 5-years and 100,000 miles but is transferable to new owners. Meaning that some us lowly Ridelust writers would be nearing the end of their third such guarantee…..

2009 Dodge Ram Laramie ….But Not Diesels

While we are all in favor of giving the customer what they want, it is curious that Chrysler would alter their plan now, when presumably the American consumer is more apt to keep a new car longer than they previously would have in a better economy. With all sincerity, this would be especially important for Chrysler products, which do not exactly exemplify the greatest qualities for longevity. The new warranty program includes the SRT and Viper models, which were previously left out of the lifetime guarantee. Only the Sprinter Van and diesel Ram pickup are still excluded now.

The change is effective with the start of the 2010 model year.

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