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Christmas Eve, As Envisioned By CARB

Posted in Bizarre, Funny Videos, Politics by Kurt Ernst | December 24th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Those of us not living in California probably don’t have much experience dealing with the California Air Resources Board, or CARB as it’s more affectionately known. If you’re a California resident who happens to be a gear head, then you know CARB all too well. The agency is responsible for setting California’s emission control laws (the toughest in the country) as well as finding ongoing ways to rob horsepower lessen the environmental impact of production automobiles. Some of their failed initiatives include banning dark colored vehicles (which require more A/C usage to cool) and requiring all vehicles to come equipped with solar tinted glass (that managed to block toll transponders and GPS tracking devices used for parolees). CARB may have made the air cleaner, but they’re clearly not on the side of the automotive enthusiast.

I’m laughing at this video, but at the same time it’s got me more than a little paranoid. Pending CAFE requirements lead me to believe that we’re at the pinnacle of sports car development, and the days when you can walk into a Ford or Chevy dealer and drop reasonable cash on a big, honkin’ V8 musclecar will soon be behind us. In the type of world envisioned by CARB and our current political leadership, high horsepower cars can’t exist and we should all be content driving Nissan Leafs or Toyota Priuses. The video is funny now, but I’m afraid we won’t be laughing in five or ten more years.

Source: Straightline

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