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Chip Foose had a Volkswagen Rabbit?

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Chip Foose

In the annals of modern hot-rod design there is no question that Chip Foose is amongst the best in the business. His cars have been featured on television, in magazines, online and at some of the greatest car shows around the world. However, before Foose got into hot-rods he was, get this, a Volkswagen guy. That’s right, he drove a 1985 MkII Golf GTI, a car which he says, was one of his favorites and the car that provided him with much of his early inspiration. I suppose it should come as no surprise as the VW Golf, like the Porsche 911, is one of those rare automobiles that has simply evolved over time. Through the years it’s gotten better and better, and like Chip Foose himself, it’s never lost any of the emotion that the original one set forth all those years ago.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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One Response

  1. djrosa says:

    as both a hot rod and VAG guy i just got a new dream to have a chip foose custom -87 polo G40 or a -91 S4 2.2turbo