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China to build Lotus Europa

Posted in Lotus by davidallen | August 15th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Despite being told that the new Lotus would not be built outside of the UK, it transpires that Proton, Lotus’s parent company have entered into an agreement with a company that builds buses. The Jinhua Neoplan Vehicle Co will be building the new car at their plant in Jinhua, China. If you believe what is written in the Chinese press.

The Lotus will be the one of two cars that will be built in China; the other is a four door Proton.

Lotus Europa

It is believed that once the plant is up and running they should be able to produce around 150,000 Lotus Europa’s per year, initially they will be sold in China, but as the stock increases then they will be available for export and the target marketplace will be the USA.

Lotus Europa

Yet from the UK, Lotus Cars still denies that the car will be built in China, in an email to staff, Lotus Chairman, Mike Kimberley has reassured them that there are no plans to build Lotus Cars outside of the UK plant at Hethal.

Clearly this is just another one of those stories that spring up every now and then, yes there is truth in the fact that Proton have agreed to build a new four door car in China, as for Lotus they say no cars will be built outside of the UK. Mind you China can get around that by just renaming one of their cities to “UK”!

Source [Left Lane News]

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