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Chicago Plans To Crack Down On Bike Laws; Your Reckless Days Are Numbered, Bike Messengers

Posted in Newsworthy, Traffic by Suzanne Denbow | August 22nd, 2008 | 1 Response |

This week, Chicago city officials announced that they would be cracking down on bicyclists who violate traffic laws. Fuel prices and environmental concerns have yielded a surge in bike traffic, obviously alerting Chicago to the dangerous habit many cyclists have of pedaling as though they are impervious to physical arm. Given a two week grace period before the new enforcement policy goes into effect, members from Chicago’s Bicycle Ambassadors Program launched an aggressive campaign warning cyclists about the future changes.

Two Chicago bicycle patrol offers admitted that they do not usually cite bicyclists for running red lights or stop signs, and one cyclist explained that constant stopping-and-starting was simply too exhausting during long trips. Apparently unswayed by the logic, police spokeswoman Monique Bond, “We’re going to see an increase in enforcement. We’re going to be enforcing the same traffic laws for bikes as well as motorists, so that both respect each other and the rules of the road…”

[Source: Chicago Tribune]

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One Response

  1. JoeBoy says:

    That’s great! I’m glad to hear that the cops will finally start enforcing the laws for bicyclists, I hope they start enforcing the same rules for drivers.

    I wonder if they will feel compelled to crack down on all the drivers out there who speed, run red-lights, run stop signs, turn without signaling, tailgate, drive recklessly and pass on the left over double yellow lines … all violations I see drivers make daily…