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Chevy VOLT: 8-year/100,000-mile warranty from GM.

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Chevy Volt

One of the biggest questions in regards to hybrid and electric vehicles was always the length of service that they would provide to their owner. For example, we know that with proper maintenance a gas engine has the capability to run hundreds of thousands of miles if properly maintained. The jury is still out however on the expiration date of these new electric motors which has some potential buyers concerned. The Chevrolet Volt is due to come out later this year and from the get go it was Chevy’s intent to keep these things on the road for as long as they can. The Volt gets its power from a 400 pound, 110 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack that GM has now warranted for eight years or 100,000 miles.

Chevy Volt

It seems though that they did not do this voluntarily. You see the Volt also has a traditional “range extending” gas engine on board which kicks in when your battery goes kaput. It also means that it’s subject to the same emission regulations as any other petrol powered vehicle. The California Air Resources Board and the EPA consider the big 400 pound battery to be part of the cars emission control system and is thus subject to the same regulations as other emission parts on the vehicle, hence the new 8 year warranty. I wondered if GM figured this into the equation when they were first designing this thing…

Source: Autoblog.com

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